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10 February

By means of this technique or system, a practitioner moves or transfers the universal energy to a beneficiary’s body. This energy is passed through an attunement. Reiki teachings are mystical and uncomplicated. In the present time, Dr. Mikao Usui is known to have rediscovered this reiki energy. He led the foundation of Reiki teaching to […]

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09 February

Past Life Regression is a dynamic approach that helps in accessing and recalling the reflections of this life or past lives in order to have an appreciative and thoughtful understanding of some physical, emotional disorders which are at times very unsolvable and very difficult to describe. Past life regression helps us to have an understanding […]

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09 February

Kriyas have been further modified in light of Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Tantra, and ‘Upnishdic Dharna’ for the highest benefits of mankind It is a powerful spiritual Sadhna program based on meditative kriyas best suited for individuals in modern times. For detailed description and inquiry about the course and program kindly visit KRIYAKUNDALINIYOGA.Com

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03 February

   SRI YOGASTH VIDYASHALA A Life Transforming Academy Under the aegis of Yogasth Foundation Sri Yogasth Vidyashala is a movement, as well as an academy of spiritual sciences, run under the guidance of yogi Buddhadeva. It is an international dynamic spiritual and educational institution of yoga, tantra, esoteric and mystic divine kriyas, meditations, healings, and […]

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