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How it Works

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TopGoogle will make your business visible, attract new customers and make it a success.

1. Add or Claim your Listing

Use the best intuitive forms ever to add or claim your business !

Upload photos, videos, add helpful links to your website or to social media, set an address, hours of operation, provide exact location, allow reservations and bookings directly from TopGoogle.com.
Claim your listing, and a badge will be added to mark it as official and allow you to update it whenever you want.

2. Increase your earnings

Use Ad listings, receive 5 star reviews, get discovered.

Once discovered, customers will come to you! Promote your business with Ad listings that will appear on the top of all pages and marked as exclusive in the home page.
It’s up to you to make your visitors happy and leave positive reviews. That’s how TopGoogle helps them make better spending decisions.

3. Get Discovered by Visitors

Instant discovery by visitors on approved/submitted listings.

After submission, your listing will appear immediately throughout the website and will be searchable by interested visitors in similar places. It will be also summited to our Social media network!
Your listing will also be discovered quickly by Google and convert your visitors into customers.

Your business at the TOP?

Submit your business at TopGoogle.com, sit back and enjoy. We will take care of the rest!

How it Works


A state-of-the-art User Interface (UI) for your dashboard. Designed to do business with most intuitive insights and with tons of added value features.



⇒ Total new experience with intuitive User Interface.
⇒ View Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Statistics.
⇒ Get Low-Rating Alerts and react upon.
⇒ Manage Reviews, Leads, Events, Coupons, Menus, Ads etc.
⇒ Internal messaging to capture leads and communicate with clients.
⇒ Choose from tons of templates to create announcements.
⇒ Manage your bookings and reservations.
⇒ Check your visitor reviews and ratings.



Introducing Fill-O-Bot! You can easily submit your business details automatically. Just enter your business name in title, select the right business from drop-down and watch the form getting populated instantly by pulling data from Google maps.



⇒ Makes super easy to add your business .
⇒ Avoid Human Error
⇒ Grabs from Google Maps


*Currently some data fields are not supported.

How it Works
How it Works

Events Management (EMS)

Take things to another level now by hosting and promoting your upcoming events directly on your business listing in a very simple and sleek way.


⇒ Built-in Events Management system
⇒ Link to Ticket Page on your site
⇒ Very Simple to Create and Manage
⇒ Your event is promoted instantly

How it Works

Deal & Coupons

You can drive more business by offering unlimited deals & coupons to your visitors, while also setting a count-down timer. Showcase in many different styles and positions to best fit your needs.


⇒ Coupon code
⇒ Count-down for deals
⇒ Easily manage from user-dashboard

How it Works

Ad campaigns

Generate more leads with targeted ads to customers searching for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location with different placements to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI).


⇒ NEW! Pay-Per Click (PPC)
⇒ NEW! Pay-Per Day (PPC)
⇒ NEW! Restrict Competitor Ads via Pricing Plans
⇒ Targeted Ads (Based on: Category, Tag/Keyword, Location)

Example: If Marc searches for Pizza in New York, then an Ad (promoted listing) will appear on top of the organic result, only if there is a Pizzeria in New York.

Limited time offer: 120 days free Ad Campaigns for GOLD package!

More amazing features !

How it Works


Receive and reply to messages directly on your dashboard when a lead is generated via the lead forms.

How it Works


Take ownership of your business by claiming and verifying with the site-admin and earn the claimed badge to build trust with customers and generate more leads.

How it Works


Showcase a list of your items or services and offer a beautiful and dynamic menu to your visitors.

How it Works


Visitors can easily narrow the search results with price, open now, near me (with distance range) and Features (Amenities) and Additional Details.

Reservation & Scheduling solutions


Reservation & Scheduling with RESURVA

Transform the way your company does business. Appointment, scheduling and calendar app for service driven businesses.


Reservation & Scheduling with TIMEKIT

No matter what booking scenario you have, Timekit is the simple and customizable solution for you.

Business Owners Support Center

Have you found your business on TopGoogle? Claim your business page by clicking “Own or work here? Claim Now!”. After you have claimed your business, you can perform updates, interact with your visitors, upload photos or videos, promote, and more…

Yes. You can switch between plans easily via your dashboard.
Switch to a paid plan to unlock all your business info and receive unlimited promotional features. By switching to a free plan (bronze), your business will still be listed, but all related info will be invisible. (locked).

1.  Go to your dashboard.

2.  Click on change plan.

How it Works

3. Select your plan.

How it Works

Your business page includes features, such as contact info, images, Check-In Offers, Menus, addresses, opening hours etc. It is recommended to update regularly with the latest info. As a business owner , just click on edit on your page or use your dashboard.

As a business owner, you can directly respond to your reviews. It is in your intuitive dashboard.

You can use multi Ad spots , gain even more customers and get listed on our TOP selection areas and pages. A simple process strait from you intuitive dashboard. It is available for all plans! Don’t forget to have look to our “How it works” page for all amazing features.
For limited time Gold plans will receive free Ad spots!

Below are all available plans. You can always change your plans via your dashboard.

Bronze: Our FREE plan. Your business will be visible forever!

Silver: 3$ for 90 180 days for 1 listing. It continues as free plan after expiration.

Gold: 9$ for 365  unlimited days for 1 listing. Your business will be visible forever!

Feel free to contact us for more details.

The free plan keeps your business visible forever. But you don’t have all the options, features and benefits the paid plans have. With a couple of extra bucks we will promote your business to all our social media accounts , remove the Advertisements, allow a full description with links on your business page and much more. See some of the extra services a paid listing offers:

  • Video
  • Business Tagline
  • Website
  • Social Links
  • FAQ
  • Price Range
  • Tags/Keywords
  • Resurva
  • Timekit
  • Menu
  • Announcement
  • Deals-Offers-Discounts
  • Hide competitors Ads
  • Events
  • Submitted on Social Media
  • Featured on Sponsors page
  • Bookings & Reservations
  • No Advertisements !
  • No words limits on description
  • Links allowed on description
  • Claimed Listing
  • TOP Selection
  • Priority indexing on Google
  • No Limits on Reviews
  • No Limits on FAQs


To Upgrade or Downgrade your plan, just go to your dashboard, select your business listing and follow the instructions.

If you are not satisfied, you just don’t extent. Your listing will automatically revert back to the free plan.

Now that your business is listed on TopGoogle.com, it’s time to promote it by placing an Ad. It is an easy step with just two clicks straight from your dashboard. Find your business listing, click on “promote” and that’s all ;-). Enjoy seeing your business featured on search results, home page etc.

Yes. We have a new feature that you can add directly appointments to your business page. But you can also use bookings and reservations directly with our popular “Timekit” and Resurva” Apps.

Is your business listed on TopGoogle? Curious to see its performance? Easy… Your dashboard has it all !

We are doing our best to keep the directory clean. One of the measures we take to achieve that, is to charge a small fee to business owners, so the real businesses can be separated from the fake ones. That way we can reduce spam and other annoying side effects. Additionally this small fee, will help us keep the directory alive, reduce our costs and let us focus on more effective business promotion techniques.

We are not responsible for the business information. The business owners, or the ones who submitted the business, should take care of the correct info. Please login and edit your listing.

If the business is not claimed yet, please claim it so you can update.

Paid plan business can use several techniques to promote their listings.

As a business owner you can:

  • Coming Soon: Submit your own blogs/articles
  • New : Show your business reviews and ratings on your own website automatically
  • New : Make appointments, receive notifications, communicate directly with your customers.

You can also:

  • Join our TOP Selection,
  • Have No Limits on Reviews,
  • Have No Limits on FAQs,
  • Receive Priority indexing on Google,
  • Allow your own Videos,
  • Provide your Business Tagline,
  • Show your Website Url links,
  • Show your own Social Links,
  • Add your products Price Range,
  • Add your own Tags/Keywords,
  • Use external services such as Resurva and Timekit,
  • Add your own Menu. (Handy for restaurants/Hotels, etc),
  • Show your business news via the Announcements,
  • Claim your business for free,
  • Offer Deals and Discounts via coupons,
  • Hide your competitors Ads,
  • Have your own Events page,

And we will :

  • Submit your business on our Social Media pages,
  • Feature your business on the TOP Selection page,
  • Remove all  Advertisements.

And we are pretty sure that :

  • We have forgotten a lot more cool features and promotion techniques to mention.

Did you know that a paid listing is free of Ads, has no limits on description, reviews, FAQ’s, events. You can add your own links, tags, keywords, will be claimed by you with no extra charge and more…? Check all benefits of a paid listing here.

* Paid plan businesses will be featured on our Social Media accounts, including:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr.

NEW FEATURE ADDED. Now you can make appointments and receive notifications. Fast and easy, directly from you dashboard.

NEW FEATURE ADDED. Embed your customer reviews to your own business website or anywhere else. Via your dashboard, first click on create widget, copy the code and paste it to your own website. Go to you dashboard Now!

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