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Lowry Parcade & Tavern

Wine Bars, Arcades, Beer Bar

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I grew up in the 1980s, which essentially meant that I was raised by a machine that only worked if you gave it money, its only sounds of encouragement unintelligible bleeps and boops, and its only reward was a meaningless wall of dubious achievements.

Also, I had arcade games.


Anyway, I really did have fond memories of arcades, from the pre-Vegas training grounds of Charles Entertainment Cheese’s to the seedy underworld of mall arcades, the thing that made games great was that while they sold fantasy as entertainment, they themselves were objects of fantasy.

Everyone knew some kid who could get through the first eight levels of Tron without losing a life, someone who could beat Dragon’s Lair blindfolded, someone with Barry Allenesque fingers whose name sat atop every Track & Field event score list.

It’s part of that mythology and nostalgia that we are really interested in here at the Lowry Parcade. The games are important (and we have a LOT of them), but maybe more important is the look and feel and sound of the room. All of our games are completely original (no hate on our MAME peeps, we are just on a theme here), with the same weird glitches, strange volume controls (or lack thereof), same odd artwork, and hopefully the same emotional connections.

So come down and see for yourself how we did, and maybe have a beer or two because seriously, some things are better as an adult.

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