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Assapora bellezza + spa | Skincare bio + spa

Spa a New York, New York

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Savor Beauty is an organic skin care + spa product line specializing in anti-aging and acne treatments. Vote best NYC spa and best Hudson Valley spa. Skincare is made-on-premise in Saugerties, NY.

1 Recensione per  Assapora bellezza + spa | Skincare bio + spa

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ethan85 1 Recensioni
Do NOT hesitate !
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In the quiet part of the West Village where the streets are cobblestones and the buildings are only brownstones, if you look on West 11th Street you will find Savor Spa. I am a dude and my idea of pampering myself is grabbing a clean towel, or reaching for a foot stool to watch the game. My skin, however, needed some help and I had 3 appointments over the course of 2 months. After a brief wait, you are taken to a dark room with a hint of music playing. As the esthetician did her thing, me lying face down, was if my brain had been transported to some elusive frothy confection of a planet where all is soft and fuzzy. This was new to me- i don’t relax- relaxation is not in my repertoire, but I can honestly say I cannot remember a single thought I had while there. These people ACTUALLY care about the health of your skin, will recommend products or give big fat samples. My 3rd visit was with Rachel B, who took extra time to make sure it would be a while before I needed to go back. Nicole was also very helpful up front of the place. My skin is in so much better shape I am considering a facial. Which might sound funny coming from someone who was a nightclub bouncer for 8 years here in NYC. If things are bad they will make you better. If you are better they can make you perfect. Every person I dealt with there was 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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