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Here at Home Termite Control, we believe prevention is key when it comes to white ants. In Sydney, we offer thorough inspections that are completed by licensed professionals. With our firm understanding of terms and their activity, we know that no two cases are the same. That is why we offer a wide range of treatments and prevention methods to suit your individual needs.

17 Reviews for Termite Control Sydney

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Home Termite Control Sydney
सभी को देखें


Home Termite Control services are very professional, on time and put me at ease straight away. They were incredibly knowledgeable about the process and very helpful. Would highly recommend it is also very affordable and it is a top-notch service! Will definitely be using them again for any pest related problems in the future.

swati sharma 1 समीक्षा
Awesome Pest control Services
सभी को देखें


I have been using Home Termite Control services for my pest control requirements for years now and have always found them to be extremely reliable, affordable and helpful. Anyone that wants great service from a pest control company. Highly recommended!

Himanshu Gupchup 1 समीक्षा
Great work by pest control service provider
सभी को देखें


From the first phone call through to the service itself – professional and friendly all the way. We had lots of cockroaches around and some spiders etc. Pink had a great package which covered this creepy crawlies and a great warranty for peace of mind, something the other places I called couldn’t offer – ill definitely be using them again.

Vaidehi Khandare 1 समीक्षा
Happy with their services
सभी को देखें


We have been using this company for the past few years and have been totally happy with their services. Along with the pest spray, we have also used them for a problem we had with termites their service was prompt and reassuring. Happy to strongly recommend their services.

Gourav Rathore 1 समीक्षा
Totally satisfied with their services
सभी को देखें


Definitely, recommend. Really thorough with his work to make sure that we get the best results. Explained and gave us great tips. Really knows how to satisfy his customers. Very happy with everything.

megha savalakhiya 1 समीक्षा
Professional Pest Services given by them
सभी को देखें


This was our third treatment with Home Termite Control and I find them to be extremely professional. The technician that came to our home was very respectful and explained all the steps he was doing and advised of any risks to my dog or my daughter. I would highly recommend using Home Termite Control!

Pooja shingle 1 समीक्षा
Definitely a number one choice for Pest Control
सभी को देखें


The Pest control treatment was fantastic. They recently worked on a major termite infested property for our company in the inner west and was able to eliminate all the termites and nests which was not dealt with through the previous managing agents. Thomas Property was handed over the property management and within one week we contacted Home Termite Control to commence immediate work and was taken care of within a few days. Thomas Property has been very grateful for all hard work and professionalism. Definitely a number one choice for Pest Control.

amit26 1 समीक्षा
Great job by the pest services
सभी को देखें


Technicians was on time and did a great job. They explained what we were doing and simply got about doing the application. Would highly recommend company to anyone in that area.

ethan 1 समीक्षा
The Great technician service for home termite control.
सभी को देखें


Very professional home termite control company services, from the first point of contact to the technician completing the job the service was first class. Highly impressed by the customer service, money well spent, very informative in knowledge, very prompt and efficient service. Highly recommend this company.

hrisovalantis 1 समीक्षा
The Great Helpful Services
सभी को देखें


I found Sydney Home Termite Control Services to be very helpful in explaining what they do over the phone. It was also very convenient as they offered me times as early as 6 am, so I did not need to take time off work to be there. The men turned up on time, were courteous, and the German cockroach & spider problem we were having in our apartment seems to have been eradicated.

mathias 1 समीक्षा
The Better Termite Services provider in Sydney
सभी को देखें


I have used Termite Control Sydney Company services on three different homes the first was in 2009 the second was at Encounter Bay in 2015 and now in Salisbury Heights in 2016 I have I am very very happy with the service they provide all the staff are always happy and after all this time they feel like family always willing to explain things we could not have picked a better company to trust (Termite Control Sydney company services).

chiyo12 1 समीक्षा
Pest Control Services are great for this company.
सभी को देखें


After discovering a mice problem I rang termite control. team Was thrilled to have termite control team call me within the hour and he was able to come out for an inspection that afternoon. He was great, investigated all areas thoroughly and set about fixing the problem. Was so thrilled to have the pest problem sorted in one day. Highly recommend for termite control Sydney company services for all of you.

logan12 1 समीक्षा
The Great pest control services provide in Sydney
सभी को देखें


Very pleased with the pest/termite inspection completed by Termite control Sydney who wrote a very thorough report. Termite control team attention to the detail was good, his manners excellent and I would recommend Termite control Sydney company for Pest control requirements.

alexander 1 समीक्षा
The Great Services for termite control Sydney
सभी को देखें


The Pest control from Termite control Sydney is a true professional and I highly recommend his services. I hired him for a suspected termite infestation at our villa in Marshfield, He took the time to do a very detailed inspection he also pointed out and suggested other areas we should pay attention to in our place like extractor fan cleaning. A rodent problem was also found in the ceiling which we got him to treat.

carter12 1 समीक्षा
Pest control very nice services provide all of them!
सभी को देखें


I live in a newly renovated but very old house. The previous owner had installed floating floorboards over the entire floor and there was no access under the house. Termite control Sydney team was fantastic and spent considerable time investigating and identifying the best place for a manhole and then spent considerable time creating one for me (even though he didn’t have to). He did a great job and then completed the full pest inspection and treatment as per my original booking!

william 1 समीक्षा
Termite control fantastic Services provide in Sydney!
सभी को देखें


Pest control has taken care of our house for the last 7 years. When we first moved in, we were worried about termites and called pest control out for an inspection. Since then, each time he comes back, he does a thorough job of going through every nook and cranny for inspection, putting down sprays and baits that keep the nasties away, and he never hesitates to lend a hand even when it goes beyond his work. Honest and open – Termite control Sydney company team is absolutely fantastic to work with!

thomus 1 समीक्षा
Awesome inspection for pest control related all problem!
सभी को देखें


I have a bad infestation of ants in my house. Pest control came over and gave me a gel to treat it. After that was all used up and the ants were still a problem he gave me another gel. That did work. He previously said he would have the gel manufacturer at my house if the second tube did work. After three months and two tubes of gel later the ant infestation is still better. Called and he did want to know about the problem. Told me to silicon the place in the wall where the ants are coming from. All talk & good action. $245 later I am better off than where I started. Don’t waste time and money. Would recommend him to treat an ant infestation for termite control Sydney company services. Thanks for his services!

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