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J&L Pacific Lock and Key is a family own and also operated locksmith store in Medford, OR. We provide locksmith services for homes, services and also automotive at our store during business hours as well as mobile services are provided 24-hour a day seven days a week. Clients complete satisfaction is our top goal.

3 के लिए समीक्षा J&L Pacific Lock and Key Salem OR

ldstaak16 1 समीक्षा
Professional in every respect at a great rate
सभी को देखें


Joe arrived within minutes of my initial call. Diagnosed the problem and had it repaired in no time. Professional appearance, demeanor and job specific skills. Very reasonable service fee. We would recommend this company to any and all looking for a fast, efficient and fairly priced service call.

lisag9730455 1 समीक्षा
Riley at J&L Pacific Lock & Key-Salem to be commended!
सभी को देखें


Riley Rice, the technician who came to my home from J&L Pacific Lock & Key-Salem to re-key one lock and replace three others was wonderful. He had a neat and clean appearance, was friendly and courteous and completed the tasks in no time at all. I highly recommend this company and especially this technician if you’re looking for professional lock and key services. Kudos!

gc33morris9 1 समीक्षा
Home Lockout
सभी को देखें


We needed someone to fix our stupidity when we locked ourselves out of our home! Riley, from the Salem office, got here quickly and helped us as quickly, efficiently and pleasantly as possible. He made a cold, wet, miserable experience much more tolerable. He is a keeper and if we ever needed help from a locksmith…you would be first on our list. Thank you!

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