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Candy Club Sunny Beach

Diskothek Club

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Candy Club is the number one night stop in the whole of sunny beach and will give you an unforgettable experience on your holiday you’ll never forget!!!!


Based on flower street in the heart of sunny beach, it boasts an incomparable sound and lights show that will bring this multilevelled 800 capacity dance floor to life!


With the resorts best two resident DJ’s. AND! and DJ Denim. They will bring to you the best in all types of dance music until the early hours.

1 Bewertung für  Candy Club Sunny Beach

maxwellbin41 1 Bewertungen
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Jack the rep followed us for 15 minutes until we handed over 100 lev on the promise of 2 litre cocktails at the beach party and candy club itself. Got to the beach party which tbf had some absolute bangers playing on the speakers, however we were told there was no 1l cocktail and the only free drink you got was a shot of what tasted like ribena and sea water. After asking the staff why we had payed for this they offered us a “voucher” for 3 cocktails for 30 lev, didn’t offer to reimburse for what their rep had made us hand over our money for. Anyway, after this we had a great night as we went to dgv and got exactly what we asked for there (free booze and great music) Signing off, Maxwell xx

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